Hair Transplant surgeries are the most common cosmetic procedures done all over the world. You could opt for a hair transplant procedure, in case you have:

  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Thinning 
  • Male Pattern Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopesia)

Hair loss is the most troublesome problem faced by both men and women of their ages. There are a lot of reasons for hair loss. Some of them are the following:

  • Lifestyle and Stress
  • Underlying Medical Conditions
  • Certains medicines like Anti-Cancer drugs
  • Vitamine Deficiency and Thyroid Disorders
  • Dandruff
  • Dermatological (Skin) Conditions
  • Hormonal Changes


The topmost and the most easily treatable reason for hair loss among the male population is ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA. Some call this pattern of hair loss hormone affected.DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the main culprit behind this hair loss pattern. This is more prominent in genetically susceptible males.

Consult Your Doctor

Hair Life plans the procedure with you. An experienced Doctor will assist you. Doctor Explains to you the process, possible outcomes and preparation. This happens in the first visit through an online consultation.

How Do I Look After The Procedure

You and your aesthetic physician together discuss the possible hair pattern, style and thickness far your age and look. The doctor with explain to you the types of procedures and will draw a hairline for you. You can choose a hairline of your comfort

Is The Procedure Painful?

You are given local anaesthesia to numb the doctor area. We make sure that you are not allergic to anaesthesia medications before the procedure. It ensures that the complete procedure is painful.

What Happens During The Procedure

At Hair Life, three steps happen in all hair transplant surgery:

  • Extraction

The hair follicles are extracted from the permanent area one by one with cosmetic aspects in mind.

  • Display

We are fully pledged to display to our patients the extracted grafts. We follow the principle “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”.

  • Implantation

After giving the display, local anaesthesia is given to the recipient area, and the implantation starts.

What Should I Do After The Procedure

The post-procedure instruction will be given o you by the doctors. You will be given an instruction that mentions what to do and not to do after the procedure.

Clot Removal

Usually, it takes 6-7 days after the procedure. Our nurse cleans the transplanted area. The blood clot is removed, and the doctor will explain to you again what to expect in the coming months.

Growth Phase

After 3-5 Weeks

After 3 to 5 weeks, your existing hair will fall off.

After 3-5 weeks

The transplanted hair starts to grow again in this phase.

After 6-7 months

The growth phase is accelerated, and now the hair is thick and beautiful.

After 8-12 months

We know you cannot believe your eyes. It is your new style – “HAIR LIFE HELPS TO DISCOVER THIS HIDDEN BEAUTY IN YOU.”

Highest Quality Care

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Randon Pexon, Head of Clinic